Jocelyn Spence

Dr Jocelyn Spence is a Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham’s Mixed Reality Lab. The main thread of her work is to encourage whatever is personally meaningful in any interaction with technology. Her research over the past three years has focused on gifting hybrid objects in museums. This work has drawn in part on her specialism in Performative Experience Design, the framework and method she developed for approaching HCI (human-computer interaction) and IXD/UXD (interaction design/user experience design) from the perspectives of theatrical performance and performativity.

She has also been involved with other Mixed Reality Lab projects including When the Future Comes, the Data Journeys Archway,  and Nenescape, and she collaborates with colleagues from a variety of institutions on workshops about performing photo sharing, performing in the wild and performing design fiction. Her previous work includes design research for gifting digital music using locative audio performance, digital storytelling for marginalised communities experiencing gentrification, location-based guides for young people with visual impairments, and design for personally meaningful co-located digital photo sharing. See (soon to be updated) for publications and details.