The virtual

7. Build a VR environment to house the VR representations of your artefacts.

a. Download our very basic version of the VRtefacts environment from tor”>GitHutor”>b. Ours was made in Unity. Alter to your tastes or create your own. 

b. In order for the VR to match the real-world table and prints/scans (the objects that visitors will be physically interacting with), you will need to match the size of the table and chair your visitors will be using in the VR. (No rolling office chairs that will tempt people to adjust their position relative to the table!) Our environment uses Ikea’s cheap and cheerful Nisse chair and standard-sized picnic table. 

c. Import the scans of all your artefacts and be sure they line up accurately, either onto their corresponding 3D prints or within the physical acrylic box (vitrine). Depending on the source of your 3D scan, you can use standard Unity methods to be found in their user manual.

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